Friday, March 23, 2012

Darling Diva Polish - Dreamy

I love holos.  Looooove them.  Nothing makes me turn into a pile of jelly faster.  I have tons of them already, and the other day I was cruising Etsy for polish and I stumbled onto Darling Diva Polish.  It only took me two seconds to decide to give them a shot, so I ordered Dusky Sky, Darling Raver, and Dreamy, which I'll show to you today.

Dreamy is a sheer holo top coat, so you can turn any non-holo polish you have into an OMGRAINBOWSPLOSION.  I was actually feeling like having neutral nails, so I did two coats of Dreamy over one coat of Essie Vanity Fairest (with my usual Orly Bonder basecoat/INM Out The Door topcoat combo), and this is what you get.  It's like my own nails, but with way more rainbows.
Another holding the Essie bottle.  Those mini bottles are hard to hold.
And a closeup of my thumb.  Please feel free to drool over the rainbow goodness.  I did.  The holo is STRONG in this.
Carrie at DDP is awesome.  I ordered on the 20th and got them in the mail today.  Amazing.  She also chucked a sweet package of flower seeds and some lipgloss in my package.  The formula on this was super smooth and it dried quickly.  I can already tell that I'll be ordering more of her creations in the future.


  1. Really pretty colour! I love holos :)

  2. Thanks! Carrie did an amazing job, and her prices are very reasonable. You should check it out. She's going to be getting some new glitters and full sized things in soon.